Club history

The story begins far in 2007 after years of traveling abroad and our country finally decided to place me close to home.

After more than a year for land, works, papers eczetera, we opened our club in November 2009 with the illusion to create a special atmosphere for our guests and animals. A space designed for lovers of riding in general, where they and we could enjoy the best of our fans.

It all started with a small group of six horses to the current number exceeds 30 heads. The farm now covers 3.5 hectares.

Our teaching philosophy is based on learned to love and understand animals in a manner harmonious with the surroundings for granted following two basic guidelines: natural  training  and dressage training scale.

Thanks to all of you who have been, who you are and who you will be with me during this trip.

Without your support and especially and most importantly, my beloved family, this would have been possible.


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